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  1. Automatically scan your website
  2. Use tailored tasks to improve your website
  3. Advanced monitoring tools

Analyze your website (free) :

SEO Workflow

SEO Workflow

Our SEO Workflow feature can assist you in optimizing your website immediately by:
  • Providing improvement tasks;
  • Improvement guide with each task;
  • Phased improvement plan.
Your SEO processes will become more effective and you will waste no more time on less-relevant issues.

Website ranking and Competitors

Ranking and Competitors

Are you looking for a partner that can help you improve websites to get them to rank higher in search engines? SEO Bot is completely objective and works with the latest SEO factors. Our automated web service generates high quality SEO analyses within minutes. Don't waste time and money on costly SEO-consultants while you can have better and faster results today with SEO Bot.

Maximize SEO control

Management Dashboard

The Management Dashboard is a page that gives managers the opportunity to see in a blink of an eye what the status and progress is of the optimization process of his or her website. It also gives internet marketers a powerful tool to convince the management to approve of certain optimization activities.

Trend analyses

Trend analyses

SEO is a continuous process. Optimizing your website once can win you some search positions, but for the best and long lasting results you need a different strategy. We offer trend analyses that allow you to monitor your keywords, social media channels, competitors, and SEO score.
SEO Tasklist
Ranking and competitors
Management dashboard
Trend analyses

Why choose SEO Bot?

Makes it easy to communicate your SEO status between clients, managers and internet marketers.

Automatically monitors changes to your rankings and SEO efforts and take control of SEO.

Assists SEOs to do their job better and faster with easy to use integrated SEO tools.

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